Unity and Opportunity

There is a now a mandate for Britain to leave the EU and as a consequence, a restoration of democracy and legislative power from Brussels to the UK. With democracy there is a huge opportunity to create good governance and for this to be a reality there needs to be a unity and coming together of all parties to create a better, fairer and just future.

The highest turnout for a generation is testament to the engagement this referendum brought. As mentioned last week we need to be extra mindful to those who had a difference in opinion. Steve Hilton said “this is a big moment, one that requires serious reflection”. Just as Leave should refrain from gloating or celebrating a ‘defiance against the elites’, Remainers should not sink into bitterness, resentment or despair. The future is one we can and should be optimistic for.

Yesterday, one commentator I saw on facebook, said people should reconsider voting for leave as it would be a tacit vote for xenophobic policy. There are many ways to break down this ridiculous assertion but what I find most worrying is this trend of intolerance and moral superiority which, ironically, is what the EU is most guilty of. It’s on par with the similar absurd university ‘safe place’ policies or, worse, the trend of ‘no platforming’. All the tools to create a just society still exist. The EU doesn’t have a monopoly on facilitating collaboration, just as we are now more able to interact with the wider world we can adopt a healthy, positive relationship with Europe going forward.

The future is one we can and should be optimistic for.

The future is uncertain. This would have been true either way but particularly now as we leave an organisation infamous for its complexity. There was a lengthy section on the BBC with Jacob Rees-Mogg and Hilary Benn. Jacob summed it up perfectly highlighting Remain’s campaign as one that hinged on keeping the markets stable with Leave being one that centred on democracy. Remain often paraded ‘official bodies’ as an attempt to highlight the ‘correct answer’. Of course these statements are explained by vested interests in the financial markets and a priority for a short term stable economy over all other things including democracy. There was never a ‘correct answer’, just differences in what you prioritised. Leave is a victory for a preference for good governance over federal bureaucracy.

A No to EU means we have an opportunity to forge our own democratic path. This is something that everyone should be a part of. We can’t fully capitalise by demonising ‘the other side’ or by entering a lengthy blame game. There is huge opportunity in front of us, let’s not lose sight of that.