Little Adventures

I survived almost a month without wifi in my apartment which is a record that I don't want to break any time soon. People have asked how the experience has compared to previous expectations but I was so focussed on uni and then work that I never really allowed myself to dwell on it. The only real expectation was that it would probably be a volatile but in the end a rewarding adventure. This has been pretty accurate so far with some great moments but also days of frustration when everything in Rome seems to be against you.

Four weeks is enough to feel attached to a place, I have had one of my old friends from Edinburgh staying the last few days and showing him around felt like him a little place on earth that I am familiar with. Rome is best seen on foot, my flat is on the edge of Monti and within minutes you are approaching piazza venezia and the heart of the city.

I joined the Roma Leones Lacrosse Club a few weeks ago and the routine and Italian interaction from that make going to training one of the highlights of the week. Italians train hard, 2 hours of non-stop work in full lacrosse kit in the evening humidity. Training is usually 3 times a week and that combined with 2/3 gym sessions my lethargic summer in the office is already a distant memory. The Leones play in the Italian league so I will hopefully get to go to some of the away games in cities across Italy in the coming months.

3 weeks ago I made a brief spontaneous trip to Edinburgh. It seems I'm always relearning the lesson of getting perspective, removing myself from one environment to refresh and regain a sense of clarity. It was great to jump into an environment of easy company and familiarity. Rome can sometimes feel like a battle but a sense of routine is already forming and the various quirks of life are slowly being appreciated.

On Sunday multiple buses packed with Erasmus students went to the Festa Del Vino in the once quiet village of Marino. It juxtaposed a mass being played out on speaker to hooking up the fountains with wine and pumping free cups to the merry crowd. It was a fun day.