Selective Inspiration

After coming back from my gap year, I wanted to see more of Europe. Powerful, diverse cultures in such a relatively small area, make me feel particularly fortunate to live here.

This is a beautiful little video about brief travels through the continent. Taken from 3 films by STA Australia: Move, Eat, Learn. All of which are worth seeing too.

Casey Neistat is one of my favourite guys on YouTube, I think I've seen pretty much all of his videos. He is primarily a story teller with a passion for exploring and being the best he can be. His work studio is insane and he makes a living by shooting films or advertisements for companies. 

The above are two of my favourites. Crazy, courageous out of the ordinary thinking and the ability to follow things through to conclusion. His tremendous self belief is something I particularly admire.

Having a clear destination/aim in mind allows you to think about how you do something with some kind of framework in place. Road trips give that clarity as do extreme events like marathon running or racing to the Arctic circle. It places things in context which maybe gives you some added purpose with what you are trying to achieve. 

Finally, you're never too old for an adventure...