Thoughts from Pisco

I've never been good at ending things. Saying goodbye is a weak point for me and usually it is only the start of a process where you have time away and adjust to whatever meets you on the other side. Knowing what's ahead of you can make things easier but my experiences at PSF were too big to be forgotten easily.

My friends from Richmond have just ended their ski season and will be shortly starting their work in Samos again. They are never far away from my thoughts and thinking about that reminds me that some things will persist to be as raw and vivid now as they were then. While this can sometimes be painful it is useful in that it can continue to positively influence you long after the initial event occurred.

Sitting in a quiet hostel in San Salvador makes the colour, noise and buzz at Pisco ever more apparent. I leave it more humbled and grateful but also more inspired and optimistic. I've been fortunate to meet some fantastic people and I look forward to seeing them again.