Atlanta to Lima

Currently sitting in a lively hostel in a quirky suburb of Lima, home to over 8 million in  a compact city on the coast, I imagine it will be an interesting few days. We arrived here from Atlanta at about 1.30am. Thanks to a pre warning I was ready for a bit of haggling with the taxi price. As I was the designated spanish speaker, I was pleasantly surprised that after a couple of minutes work I had managed to knock a third off the price. I felt even more validated when we met an Icelandic couple on the same flight at our hostel who ended up paying triple our fare.

In hindsight I think Atlanta was a great couple couple of days where we experienced numerous sides of American culture. Without going into too much detail, our hostel wasn´t in the nicest part of town. The Martin Luther King Jr memorial site was particularly inspiring, I managed to convince Joe to come and I´m glad we witnessed such an iconic part of America. Other trips include the garish but enjoyable ´world of coke´, ´Project X, passion city church and the incredible Lennox shopping mall.

Obviously a big highlight of America was the food. Favourites include Hooters, the Waffle House and Mary Macs (a ´legit´ southern restaurant). It´s near impossible to eat with any regard to your health and we were full on 2 meals a day.

America doesn´t have a big hostel culture and because of this we didn´t meet too many other people where we stayed. The one exception was a couple of gregarious Irish guys who recommended this current hostel in Lima. It´s already too hot here but I´m looking forward to using some more of my mediocre spanish as well as starting the tour on Friday. Hasta Semana!